Adding Nameservers of Hosting to Cloudflare Domain

Cloudflare operates an at-cost registrar as an exclusive benefit for domains that are using Cloudflare DNS. The DNS requirement is clearly indicated in two different agreements and also is presented during the domain registration process.

There is no way to use third-party nameservers on your apex domain while using Cloudflare registrar. Subdomains can delegated to nameservers outside of Cloudflare.

If you can use their service with just a subdomain, such as www, you can delegate using NS records for that child zone. You child even use a redirect rule in your apex name to send vistors to www.

If your hosting service cannot provide you with the the means to use their service without using their nameservers on your entire domain, you have two options:

  1. Use a different hosting service
  2. Use a different domain registrar

If the hosting service requires the use of their nameservers, it would be helpful if you could share there name here so that others can learn that service is not compatible with Cloudflare.