Adding my Host Provider's Name Server and Now what?

I added Cloudflare nameservers to my registrar and the status on Cloudflare is Active. Now I added NS Records to point to my host provider, is there anything else I need to do? I’m still experiencing Bad gateway.

You don’t need to add NS records. Cloudflare is now your DNS provider. You only need the usual A records and MX if your domain has email.

What’s the domain?

if you followed the steps on the domain setting and all the records where found by the wizard and then your updated your name servers on your domain, everything should be OK. if you are not able to access your domain after you changed your name servers it means that not all of the A records for your domain where properly imported by Cloudflare during the Setup Wizard and your need to check them.

  1. go to your Cloudflare account.
  2. find your domain. (click it)
  3. Go to DNS options (Blue Square on Top)

now check for the following

  1. A Record for your domain name.
  2. CNAME or A record for WWW
  3. MX record for Your Domain Name.

I have the CNAME for www and MX Record, I tried adding my host provider’s Server IP with an A record but my website says Error cannot connect to the database. Then I tried removing the A Record assigned by Cloudflare still the same, then later on when I load my website it got redirected to Account suspended contact your host… Now I always get an error popup when I add back the A Record that Cloudflare assigned. Also, I removed the NS Record because of what sdayman said above.

Current status is site can’t be reached. Can you help me how to properly set up Cloudflare? I just recently bought my domain and wanted it connected to Cloudflare.

I retried adding my website to Cloudflare and I guess I now understand how to add my website, as stated above, I just recently bought the domain and my host provider sent me an email with all details about the website, which says that it will take 48 hours to propagate the domain, but its been 2 days and I still get 502 Error Bad Gateway. Then I tried accessing the temporary webpage url but I always get redirected to “Error establishing a database connection”. I already submitted a ticket to my host provider, I’ll just wait for their reply.

Please provide your domain name so that we can check.

The website is online now, it’s because I did not change the CNAME on Cloudflare. Thanks for helping and replying to this post.

are you running wordpress?>

i can reach the domain so its not a dns problem.

i see that you are using wordpress, this error that you are facing has more to do with the configuration of wordpress than the Cloudflare Account. please check your Wordpress start page, make sure that everything is Ok on that side.

Everything was working fine until I run a security checkup on ManageWP that my domain got blacklisted by Mcafee for Malicious Sites. I tried creating accounts on their website but for some reason, I can’t log in due to invalid username/password so I tried resetting the passwords but I get redirected to the Registration Page.

I’d submitted a ticket to my host provider and will to my registrar if they can help with this issue, I’ll just keep trying, hopefully this will be fixed soon.