Adding my existing subdomain

I have had no luck adding my subdomain to Cloudflare. I get error 10000
Corrections to my setup would be appreciated.

The name resolves. Do you already have an existing A or AAAA record with the same name? If so you’ll need to delete it to add the CNAME.

Can you screenshot your whole DNS page, including the error you’re getting?

Network Solutions says that all my name server settings are now at Cloudflare and I can’t edit them there anymore so perhaps I need to add these other settings as you mentioned

Post a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS page showing the error you’re getting

I didn’t know I had to set up all the DKIM settings etc too with Cloudflare. I haven’t changed my email hosting I naively thought I was just changing the name servers for my web site.

You claim you’re getting an “error 10000” but there’s no such error visible in the screenshot

also the screenshot claims you have no DNS records for your apex domain or www subdomain, even though both names are currently resolving

are you even logged into the correct Cloudflare account? Can you screenshot the entire DNS page, including the nameserver section?

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There error only remains for a second or two then disappears.
I am logged in to the one and only account I have. It’s for a Wordpress site and the Cloudflare plug-in says it is operating.
I reloaded the page and now I get more info.

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