Adding MX record in partial CNAME

I am currently using cloudflare with partial “cname” with aws route53
we ran into a problem as we add “cname” we couldn’t add “mx” record for the same subdomain
in route53

is there any workaround for this or is the only option is to use full dns

Was thinking of adding an A record to CF’s IP

You can’t have an MX record at the same label as an MX record. It is a limitation of DNS. Use a different subdomain for mail perhaps?

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we need the MX to be their for the same sub domain
Is any workaround there for this?

Upgrade to an enterprise plan to use subdomain signup to r switch to full DNS.

We are currently on an enterprise plan
Is their a possibly to get an ip addresses
So that we cloud use a record instead of cname

Can you please explain what subdomain signup
how does it help we can’t migrate the full DNS to CF
as it’s risky at the moment as the domain is our production environment

Subdomain set up is for:

When you use a subdomain setup, you can manage the Cloudflare settings for one or more subdomains separately from those associated with your apex domain.

The specific to your case would be for CNAME setup

You would need the subdomain as a full or secondary DNS to solve your problem

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