Adding multiple, disparate, IPs to the Firewall Whitelist

Hi, we are using the Hackertarget service to run OpenVas scans and others tests against our websites. These originate from a large pool of different IPs. Is it possible to just enter a comma separated list to whitelist these or do I have to enter them individually?

Thanks in advance!

Firewall or access rules? and should have all the necessary information

Thanks for the speedy response!

It would be to create a Whitelist rule in the Firewall IP access section. There are 109 IPs in the list; is it possible to add all of these to one rule?

No, not individual addresses. You can add /16 and /24 blocks and AS numbers. Are these addresses continuous? Can you post some examples?

Ah. That’s what I thought. They aren’t contiguous address spaces; the list is here:

So I will have to create separate entries for each IP. Thanks for all your help, I guess the quickest way to do this would be through the API?

Some of them seem to belong to the same ASN or even same network block, so you might be able to reduce it a bit but generally you will have to set them up separately. If it is too many the API might be the quickest way.

OK, I’ll get on with that then. Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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