Adding IP address as a domain to Cloudflare and DDOS prevention for IP domain

Hello, I have an example IP 123.456.789.101, set up and indexed as a website https://123.456.789.101 and I want to protect it from DDOS attack.

We used CF Pro DDOS protection for our sites before but I can’t install Cloudflare because the system doesn’t support adding IP address as a domain.

The best way for us now is to upgrade our hosting plan but we want to find another way besides upgrading it, any suggestion for this case?

I heard someone say that you can add an IP address as a domain when signing up for Cloudflare Enterprise plan, is this true?

You can’t protect an IP address using Cloudflare since any traffic going to it can only go direct to your internet connection and not through Cloudflare. You can only proxy hostnames and then allow just Cloudflare traffic into your IP address to keep it hidden.

If you own the IP address and have an Enterprise account, you can have Cloudflare announce it for you, but that’s not the same as protecting the IP address of an origin server:


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