Adding hundreds of CNAMEs with the same

I use CloudFlare to manage my DNS (my website is hosted on Kinsta).

I need to make use of hundreds of subdomain to host my app on behalf of clients. Therefore I need set multiple CNAME with the same content.

E.g. [] + [app2.] [app3.] and so on.

CNAME’s Name is going to change every time (e.g. app1, app2) however CNAME’s content will be the same (e.g.

When I try this, I get an error 525 if I try to connect to my newly pointed app through the subdomain.

Can this type of setup be managed by CloudFlare? Perhaps I will need to upgrade to a Paid Plan to do so?

Thank you in advance

This is not so much a CNAME or DNS issue, as rather a certificate on. You simply need to make sure the target server has a valid certificate. Preferably for all your domains, in the case of a CNAME, however, even the target domain should be enough.

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