Adding Hosting Nameservers NS Records on the DNS app



I recently transferred my domains to Cloudflare Registrar. Now I am trying to point one of my domains to the right hosting provider which only gives me nameservers and no ip example and

I found in the DNS app an option called NS so I entered the two NS records as shown in the image below
NS / @ / NS1.SOMEHOSTING.COM / Automatic TTL
NS / @ / NS2.SOMEHOSTING.COM / Automatic TTL

It’s been few hours and my domain is still not pointing to the hosting provider.

Am I doing something wrong ? Is it because I am on a free plan ?

I need help thanks

Creating custom nameserver and glue record

Unfortunately, domains registered here can only use Cloudflare name servers (for now), which is a requirement to transfer a domain here in the first place.

I can’t find documentation to this effect, but it’s one of the current restrictions.


What a catch22 situation that is. So the NS record in the DNS app is useless ?


That NS entry can be used for subdomain delegation. For the root domain, that would be self-referencing, which wouldn’t work: Asking the name server for your domain “What’s the name server for your domain?”


Thanks for the help btw.

I understand the logic of your answer but the NS option seems logical to use as an alternative to an ip put in an A record if the hosting doesn’t give me an ip then my website is stuck by using cloudflare as registrar.

Do you know any alternative to resolve this issue ?

Thanks again


Not to seem flippant, but use a host that doesn’t lock you into their DNS. Now that seems hypocritical since Cloudflare is doing the same thing, but Cloudflare isn’t a web host. Maybe if you ask your host nicely, they can find a workaround.

I’ve never used a host that forces me to use their DNS, and there are plenty out there with low monthly rates for reliable servers.


Cloudflare is a big and resourceful company I am surprised at the lack of this option that most registrars have.

It happens that I have a free hosting that requires those two nameservers to be put in order for it to function. It makes no sense for me to switch then pay for something that I already have for free. I switched to cloudflare registrar to save money (as advertised) not to end up paying more.


They’re working on such features: New Registrations, Outside Name Servers, WHOIS data, Outbound transfers.

For now, it’s an initial setup for existing Cloudflare customers.

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Thanks looking forward for those features


Also outbound transfers can’t be completed in the first 60 days of another transfer or a change of WHOIS info, per ICANN rules, they will show the transfer out button 60 days from your original transfer in.

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I have the same situation.
My registrar does not allow mx records.
So I need to use cloud fare with mx records and point ns records to my registrar master and slave nameservers.