Adding Gzip and Expires headers

I’m on a simple WP site (no ecommerce, WP MetaSlider theme, a few vid files), and my Pingdom test results (Grade of C or 73 – not bad) suggest the following:

  1. Gzip (score = F or 0)
  2. Add Expires headers (score = F or 0)

I have all of the free Cloudflare features turned “on” (e.g. Brotli, minify, etc). Since I think Cloudflare already includes the 2 items above in some form, I’m unclear why I’m getting these low scores. Any simple suggestions or ideas why Pingdom is giving these results (Maybe I should just live with it as is)?

Thanks very much in advance for any responses!

It’s most likely that the site is using Brotli, as you instructed, and the test isn’t checking for that. That’s the test’s fault.
Browser TTL (Expires Headers) are usually set by your website, but they can be set in the Caching/Configuration (Browser TTL) section for your domain at or via Page Rules.

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