Adding Google Adsense to Zaraz


I would love to see Google Adsense added (particularly Auto-Ads) to Zaraz if that is possible.

EDIT: I have the Auto-Ads code inserted as HTML via Zaraz and it works. The only thing would be to add it for AMP. There are two pieces of code; they would need to be in the head and body of each page. Correct me if I am wrong but this sounds like the browser’s job, so I don’t see how it is possible via Zaraz?

EDIT 2: You cannot put the Auto-Ads code in Zaraz Custom HTML because it will also load for AMP. This duplicates ads and will cause AMP validation or performance issues via Core Web Vitals.


about EDIT 2

you can use that

if(window.location.href.indexOf("amp") > -1 ) {}else{ your code }

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Appreciate the response. However, it did not work.

if(window.location.href.indexOf("amp") > -1 ) {}else{ <script async src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> }

It is still populating on AMP pages.

You have to use a Page Rule to Block Zaraz. If you use a Blocking Trigger the code still executes. Likewise you can’t block running code with JavaScript… that would require running JavaScript of course!

No, thats a bad idea. Adslots and inserting pixels are different
zaraz - good for static pixel integration
ads requires dynamic insertion in fixed slots, ad-rotation, threshold setting for impressions, clicks etc

Cloudflare should have “Cloudflare adm” admediator feature
with atleast minimum features from openx and adbutler