Adding firewall rule to challenge login but disable after logged in

Above is general rules I have setup then I have the rules for firewall for the two top to JS Challenge them. This JS challenge I have setup on normal site logins and thought good to setup on WHM logins as well. But it seems like it is not working. I am wondering if I have setup firewall rule incorrectly or since this uses port. Feel like I am missing something simple.

I believe Port is a separate field. From a DevDocs example:
host eq "" and not cf.edge.server_port in {80 443}

Here, paste this into the Expression editor:
( eq "" and cf.edge.server_port in {2083 2087})


Perfect just what I was looking for and tested working correctly applying JS Challenge to the initial login page only so once logged in not running so no issues caused just what I want. Thanks for that once again.

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