Adding firewall captcha on breaks API ( for succesful users

We have a site on

Our API is on

When we add a captcha for certain countries, it works, and a user gets to but is not working (i.e. they don’t get any data). Is there any way to configure this in Cloudflare?

Thanks for the help!


So basically your wanting to exclude api. from the captcha’s?

You should be able to achieve this with page rules :slight_smile:

(edit, you should pick a higher level than essentially off )

Thanks @powelljl !

We’ve noticed that bots are hitting the API endpoint directly too. Your solution is good above - but we’re wondering if someone solves the challenge on, is it possible to apply that ‘sucessful entry’ to also?


I don’t believe that’s natively possible sorry, you could probably design a Cloudflare worker to do something like that :slight_smile:

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