Adding .eu and .de doamins to cloudflare

I have two domains .eu and .de which I need to transfer to Cloudflare. I believe being a European domain, strict laws apply to do an activity. I need to know what is the procedure to transfer these domains to Cloudflare. Is it different from other domain or is same.

Neither TLD is yet supported for a transfer -


Thanks, Sandro

I just tried adding an unused .de domain to Cloudflare, and it was successfully done.

I am a little confused. The link you shared does not have either TLD in the supported list, yet it worked for me.

I think I need to contact sale for this.

Do you simply mean that you added the domain to CloudFlare not that you Transferred the Registrar to CloudFlare?

You can add domains, but you cannot transfer them.

I am sorry. I meant to add the site to Cloudflare for CDN purpose. I am changing the topic.

And I added it successfully.

I needed information on adding sites. Are there any regulations involved? I want to make sure this before adding my live site to Cloudflare.

In that case domains of those TLDs are added just like any others. There’s no difference.

Thank you

Back in 2019 tried changing the nameserver of my live .de website and it failed. and the support person gave me below reply.

Some European domain registrars include an extra step in their verification process that requires the zone for the domain to be pre-configured before proceeding with DNS delegation.
If you’d like to continue with adding a domain, you may add a domain to your account but not change nameservers yet and request us to configure the domain zone file to be set to your assigned Cloudflare nameservers before switching your authoritative DNS.
Ensure that the following TXT record is located at your current DNS record for verification of domain ownership:
Value: Bew8qwcS3nC4R8aW

Do I need to do this now as well? Or it is something that is discontinued.

I have heard this is required for .gov domains, not heard of it with .de ones before.

This is a common issue with many European registries, however not Cloudflare-specific per se.

Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative) has details on that.


I think I will contact GoDaddy first and ask them of any issues that may arise and what they can do to resolve

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