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Just got my domain on Cloudflare. Trying to add email to my apple devices. Is it considered a icloud domain? Or other

may I ask if you’ve recently registered a new domain at Cloudflare Registrar?

Or you’ve added your domain to your Cloudflare account?

May I ask if your question is related to the Email Routing feature which Cloudflare offers, or something else? :thinking:

Cloudflare free Email Forwarding feature allows you to create personalized email addresses for your domain name and forward emails to other email addresses of your choice.

Cloudflare Email Routing is an email forwarding service that does not allow creating fully-featured email accounts and send outgoing emails from [email protected] , since it’s a virtual email address. If you’d like to have this service, then you may consider some 3rd-party Email service provider, which allows creating such an email account to send e-mails within your domain name [email protected] .

More about Cloudflare Email Routing can be found at the article from below:

As far as I’ve used, I’ve successfully added my iCloud email address as destination address for my custom address like [email protected].

If you’re trying to use your domain with Apple’s iCloud Mail service, you need to:

  1. Ensure you have an active iCloud+ subscription. Free iCloud Mail users cannot set a custom email domain
  2. Add the domain to the iCloud Mail dashboard
  3. Add the appropriate DNS records (provided by Apple) to your Cloudflare DNS

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