Adding DS records to Cloudflare

Hi, apologies if this is specifically answered elsewhere.

I’ve transferred my domain to Cloudflare and have now enabled DNSSEC but there isn’t any notification about whether or not the DS records will be added automatically or Cloudflare being listed as a registrar on “Step 2 - Add a DS record to your registrar”.

It looks pretty straightforward to manually add it but there’s no messaging whether or not it will duplicate of if that would be bad.


It is :wink:

As it says

you need to set that up on your registrar’s side.


Cloudflare is now my Registrar. That’s why I thought it might be automatic and there are no instructions for Cloudflare as registrar.

If Cloudflare is your registrar you might have to contact support to get that fixed. There are occasional issues in this context and they require manual intervention from their side.

What’s the domain?

Domain is

I’m not sure anything needs fixing apart from the messaging.

I can add them myself but there are no instructions.

Cloudflare is not the registrar of this domain. You need to contact your registrar in this case as mentioned originally.

I’ve transferred the registrar. Last Friday.

All right, there’s a pending transfer, but Cloudflare is not the registrar yet. I’d disable DNSSEC at your current registrar, wait until the transfer has completed, and then check if DNSSEC is working and if it isn’t contact support.

There was no DNSSEC set up at the previous registrar or nameserver. So we decided to transfer registrar to Cloudflare and then add DNSSEC.

Currently there’s no DNSSEC issue. In that case I’d continue with this :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t play too much with these settings as long as the transfer is going on.

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Many thanks

Pleasure :slight_smile:

Should there be eventually an issue with DNSSEC, then you can open a ticket at and don’t let yourself be scared by their “warnings” and “suggestions” to ask the community. Keep pushing in that case and make sure you respond to any possible automated replies (otherwise the ticket might get closed). If there’s a DNSSEC issue, only they can manually fix it.

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