Adding Domains to cloudflare for an existing website

Hi - I currently have one website with Cloudflare and its associated domain, eg

I want to transfer additional domains in to cloudflare, and point them to the existing website. I understand how to point the domains, but I don’t understand how to add the additional domains to an existing website.

Do I need to create a “New Site” for each additional domain (which seems kind of odd to me), and then manage the DNS, or Is there a way to associate additional domains to the existing site?

It just seems odd that I would need to create a new site for each new domain, and end up with a list of “sites” that are not really sites. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help

Do you just want the other domains to redirect straight to your main website on ?

Thanks for the replay - Yes, that’s correct. Basically 3 alternate domains (hyphenated and non-hyphenated versions of the same .CO.UK and .COM domain) to point to the same, existing cloudflare website.

So website is:
other domains:,,

Again, I understand how to forward the domains, I just can’t get my head around having to create a New SIte for each domains - but perhaps it’s just me getting confused with the cloudflare terminolgy.

I do also want to transfer the domains into cloudflare too (so renewals are via CF), so they do need to be brought into cloudflare (I have already done this for the main domain).

Thanks again

You don’t need Cloudflare to accomplish this but if you want to manage the DNS and domain registration via Cloudflare going forward then yes, you have to add them as a new site as far as I know.

Then you can use a page rule (or CNAME maybe?) to do the redirect.

Oh okay - thanks. Yes I do want to manage domain renewals via Cloudflare, I just thought I was missing something.

It just seems odd that if you have lets say 20 domains, but only 3 actual websites, they all appear as “Sites”. Many thanks for taking the time to clear that up for me.

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