Adding domain

How to add the domain to the free package? We are going to buy paid but want to check performance through the free package first.

for example, the domain is

Hi @user17059,

Cloudflare works at the DNS level so you can only add entire host names like not URLs like

On the free plan you can also only add the root domain, not a subdomain.

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Alright and thanks for your reply

I want to add a root domain, what are the steps required. I asked our developer to replace our root domain name servers with Cloudflare nameservers, but he said, it cannot be done from hosting (Godaddy), instead to be done through domain name DNS. How to do it , no idea about this. Please note that we have hired freelancer in India for managing our websites in UAE

The change has to be done at the domain registrar. If you posted the domain name, we could provide more specific guidance. Or do you know who the domain registrar is?

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