Adding domain with different nameservers than the registrar

The domain I want to add to Cloudflare is registered with GoDaddy but has it’s current nameservers and email managed by my host, GreenGeeks.

Can I just follow the standard steps? Or do I need to change the nameservers back to GoDaddy first?

Or is there something else to take into account?


No, the nameservers are not related to the registrar. You simply add the domain, have Cloudflare scan the DNS entries, make any necessary adjustments to them, and change the nameservers to those assigned by Cloudflare.

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Thanks a lot for your speedy reply.

So I presume I just check that the DNS entries are the same as the current ones at my host?

That is right. Once you verified the DNS entries match, you can change the nameservers and it should work.

Your site is currently loading fine on HTTPS, right?

Yes, it’s loading fine on https, provided by my current host.

Wonderful. If the DNS entries match, the site should work out of the box. Just pay attention to DNSSEC (if you have that enabled) and verify that your encryption mode is Full Strict. Sometimes Cloudflare falls back to one of the outdated, legacy mode and that would drop encryption.

ok, and where would I look to see if DNSSEC is enabled? - GoDaddy or GreenGeeks?

At your domain registrar. It should be disabled when you switch the nameservers.

So I’m currently at the step where I’ve checked the DNS settings are correct in the Cloudflare setup process - should I now disable DNSSEC before pressing the “continue” button, or do it after pressing continue?

During the Cloudflare setup it does not matter, DNSSEC is important before you switch the nameservers.

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ok thanks so much for your help!

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