Adding domain to cloudflare


So to add my site to cloudflare i just need to change the dns to cloudflare and set up my account on cloudflare…

Thats it?

I dont need to change the zone for my domain on cpanel to a cloudflare address?

So also once i change the dns to cloudflare that pretty much means that the cpanel zone files do nothing but sit there taking up space correct?

As long as the same zones are in cloudlfare then i can delete the cpanel zone right?



Not necessarily. Your server still needs to respond to the request eventually coming from Cloudflare. If the zone you are referring to only affects DNS, you could theoretically remove it. If it also affects your server’s web configuration you cant, as it would not properly serve the proxied request from Cloudflare any longer.


Thanks for the reply. I ask because its not resolving to cloudflare.

I have my host file changed also to go to cloudflare so i guess i need to change that back, im not sure.

attached is my dns zone editor file

so im not sure whats going on… I have had sites before hooked up via cloudflare but i think since then things have changed maybe and you have to use a plugin now… i dont know…


It seems you entered the nameservers in your control panel and not at your registrar’s.

Can you post the domain in question?


no its in the registrar it showed CF when added the domain…



Alright, it seems the DNS servers are properly configured, however the DNS settings on Cloudflare’s side are not set up properly, respectively still point to the old host. You do want the requests to be proxied, right? Make sure it is enabled by having all :grey: switched to :orange:


I kept the proxy off because of this

just trying to get it to work and then ill proxy, but i usually only proxy the domain, ftp, www, cpanel, whm

but its not working and im not sure why… The ssl is not even working so it seems its not even getting to cloudflare. In Cloudflare its pointing to 11 which is the shared ip other than the hostname which is pointing to the main ip

when i pull up whatsmydns it should show cloudflare ip and it does not.


What exactly is not working? It does show a response.

You are not proxying anything, so it wont show a Cloudflare address but your actual one.


Oh then i misunderstood, brain fart i guess. I thought even without the proxy it would still show the CF ip but just not use the proxy so someone could look at the stream. Oh i did not realize that it changed the resolve also when you took proxy off… ahhhhhh that makes alot of sense. Thanks for that

ok proxy is on for cpanel, whm, domain, ftp, and hostname now lets see if it propagates


so i should probably change my etc/host file back to the main ip as it was before then and not to CF because i am thinking it might loop. That file should point to the real host ip (server) im thinking.

and BOOM it propagated… wow all this time and i was totally misunderstanding how that proxy worked… interesting… thanks :slight_smile:


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