Adding domain stuck on pending nameserver update

my domain niraj-mahrajan . is already pointing to Cloudflare dns . But still showing pending name server update. How can i resolve this issue.

I don’t know how you are seeing those results.

I show is not registered when I check at Nepal’s official .np Domain Registration

Running dig ns returns no records either.

Have you perhaps typed your domain name incorrectly here?

Sorry there’s a typo while posting it. it’s actually

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Thanks for the valid domain. I only see at 4 out of the 5 authoritative servers for One ( returns no NS records for your domain.

Can you confirm at your registrar that both of the assigned Cloudflare nameservers are present?

Hi thanks for the update. used to be my old nameservers which was then changed to Cloudflare ones.
Can you please let me know how are you verifying it and found about as most of the dnslookup online tools shows both the nameservers of Cloudflare. If i have some valid points it will be easy to talk to the registrar.

I performed an NS query for the zone and than asked each of those nameservers for your NS records.

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Thanks for your help, talked with my registrar they fix the issue and now I can see my site as active.

Thank You.

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