Adding DNSSec in F5 Device side

Hi, I want to ask if my one of my domain that has already integrate with cloudflare is connected to F5 device and in that F5 side, I want to set DNSSec. Do I need any changes or any configuration on Cloudflare side?


I’m not sure what an F5 device is, but DNSSEC shouldn’t interfere with any devices. It’s just a lock to make sure a domain is using the correct name servers.

Hi, sdayman

Thanks for answering!
F5 is a kind of waf device. I want to add dnssec feature on this F5 device, not on the cloudflare side. But this device is connected with domain that I already register on my cloudflare acc. So I need to know if I implement dnssec feature on this F5 device, will there will be a side effect the cloudflare side?

Sorry, but DNSSEC only has two ends: The domain registrar/registry, and the name servers. And I don’t think the F5 device is either.

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