Adding DNS Records to Comply With New Requirements from Gmail and Yahoo

I need to add new DNS records to comply with Gmail and Yahoo’s new requirements for sending mass emails.

My Cloudflare is integrated with Ezoic to run ads on my site. However, I will move away from Ezoic as soon as I can.

So my question is: Do I need to add the new DNS records in Cloudflare or Ezoic?

Hi there,

My understanding of Ezoic is that you need to configure the DNS Records on their platform, and then they sync the DNS changes across to Cloudflare.

When you onboard onto Ezoic you give them access to your Cloudflare account in order for them to configure the DNS Records they require for their service to run.

Once you offboard from Ezoic, you will need to transfer all your records to Cloudflare.

My knowledge on this is a bit older as I have not dealt with Ezoic for a little while, but you can test my understanding by creating a random TXT record on Ezoic:

(eg. TXT <random string>)

See if it transfers across from Ezoic to Cloudflare.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your reply! I will give this a try and report back :slight_smile:

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