Adding DNS Record To NameServer

Hello! I want to integrate my site with Cloudflare. I already added my domain to cloudflare and given I’d password to ezoic for integration.
Do I need to add DNS records myself to registrar or Ezoic will do it automatically ( I have given Cloudflare I’d password to Ezoic).

If I have to add myself, will it make any issue with ezoic because Ezoic DNS added in my nameserver. Please your answer will be helpful

Because Cloudflare showing Domain DNS pending.

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Did you grant Ezoic access to your registrar? Did Ezoic give you a reason to suspect that they can access your registrar and make the required nameserver change? Until you make the required change at your registrar, your domain will remain unable to use Cloudflare.

Once your domain is active on Cloudflare, you will need to make your DNS changes in your Ezoic dashboard and only in your Ezoic dashboard as it will overwrite changes made anywhere else.

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