Adding DNS "Record". Plz Help!

My Get Response newsletter is sent from a get response domain email and so ends cup in many spam boxes. I was told if I want the newsletters to be “From” my domain email I need to add a record in my dns. I have the txt code but have no idea how to do this. I found the page on Cloudflare to add record and plug in “type” “name” “ipv4 address” and “Name” but not sure what to do from there. Plz help!

Your email host should provide you the correct DNS records for SPF and DKIM, which will help with email deliverability (as in: only if your emails aren’t spam).

I did and plugged in the info and now looks like this

Is that correct??

Thanks! I appreciate your help!!

That should work for DKIM; you can verify by looking if SPF and DKIM are “PASS” in gmail or similar email providers for future messages: Email deliverity | DMARC records

Thanks Judge, I’ll check that out.

Ok, great, I’ll check that out, thanks Judge!

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