Adding Dns for go daddy email

Error 890190.?

Here is the other Dns they had me add as well. Do they look to be correct?
Thanks for the help)

If you’re using “GoDaddy Email” (seems this is Microsoft 365), you do NOT need Cloudflare’s Email Routing service… as the latter is an alternative, incomplete, and far inferior email service.

Disable Cloudflare’s Email Routing completely. This should remove the existing MX and SPF records, but go over all your DNS to ensure there are no remnants.

Then add the DNS records for your GoDaddy email service.

You can update us when you’re done so we can take a look at your DNS records for you.

Standing by.

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Hi George, Cloudflare runs my domain for my site, The Email DNS that I showed was from go daddy. That they said to put into Cloudflare. I’m at a loss here

Have you performed the necessary action that @GeorgeAppiah described? That would be a good starting point prior to attempting to add the missing records.

Ok, I delete everything go daddy said to put in DNS. What’s left in there is for my web site. Here is a picture of what is left. Now what do I do?

Why did you do that? That wasn’t what you needed to do. You need to

You still haven’t done that. Start there. This guide explains how.

Ok, I followed the instructions now I have to wait until cloudflare updates then add Dns records. That I took out ?

It looks like you did that already. :grin:

Don’t forget to set up your DKIM.

You will want to configure a DMARC policy, too.

Do I put the Dkim in Cloudflare? Because go daddy has me locked out of add records because of Cloudflare.

Yes. DKIM records are DNS records and your DNS is on Cloudflare, so you will need to add the DKIM records in Cloudflare.

Thank you very much for your help! I would have never did it without your help!!

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