Adding dividers to DNS settings page

I have a lot of DNS records added to my domain at this point, making it quite difficult to identify which record I need to change when altering a service. Please could you add the option to add named dividers to the list of DNS records to make them easier to find and read? Something like this:

Personal Site

TLSA _25._tcp.mailserver 3 1 1 asdkfjh…
TXT v=spf1 -all

CNAME _acme-challenge 23152-sadf…

The users should be able to create and name these dividers, and then drag the records and dividers into the desired positions.

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Hi @user16114,

Thanks for sharing this new ideas.

I’ll share this with our DNS team, to understand if it makes sense to our current DNS management!

Please keep an eye out on our blog post/forum for all our future feature updates.

Take Care!

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