Adding DirectAdmin Port 2222 to Cloudflare Proxied Ports?

Cloudflare proxies cPanel/WHM’s 2086/2087 etc ports already

However, with cPanel’s recent price increases and licensing changes, a lot of hosts and cPanel users are moving over to DirectAdmin and it has it’s control panel over port 2222 by default. So would be nice if Cloudflare would add port 2222 to list of proxy supported ports :slight_smile:

I join the request too. It would be great to see it’s implemented.


This would be great , im agree with eva2000


Thanks for starting this thread, @eva2000.

I just voted :blush:.


I just voted too :slight_smile:


I hope Cloudflare open this port! :smile:

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Same issue here. Switching from cPanel to DirectAdmin which uses port 2222.

I use CyberPanel, which uses port 8090.
Would that be possivle to add too ?

I also use virtualmin with port 10000.

I know you can change the Virtualmin port:

It looks like the CyberPanel people are thinking about this as well:

And it looks possible for DirectAdmin now: