Adding Constant Contact cname records to my account

I’ve tried twice now to add two CNAME records from Constant Contact to our cloudflare account. We have a DMARC and DKIM set up, and ahhh i just want my constant contact email sent from info@ to not go to spam!

Can someone confirm; do I set the CNAME records to be proxied or not?
Also; the crafted record by Constant Contact includes our domain but that does not stay put after the record is saved in cloudflare. Could this be the issue that is not connecting the two?

Thanks all!

Is this is for any form of verification, you don’t. It needs to be unproxied.

Thank you!

Okay not proxied. And I use their records but am now getting a ‘this is not found’.

The only difference I can see is the record name should be;
But instead on cloudflare is showing up as ctct1._domainkey (without the website domain)

Any ideas?

Cloudflare only shows the hostname. If it’s not working, you need to contact your provider, as DNS will work.

fixing the proxies did it!!! thanks all. happy new year

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