Adding CNAME

Issue: I can’t find the DNS option anywhere on my Cloudflare dashboard to add a CNAME. Looks like the menu has changed and it’s not an option. Everytime I click on Cloudflare dashboard from even the help links, it leads me to the same place where DNS is not an option on the dashboard. I would attach a picture if I could.


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I can see the option without issues:

Have you tried searching for CNAME in that menu? If it doesn’t work, try to clear your browser’s cache, restarting your device or trying a different browser.

Hope it helps!

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May I ask did you created your Cloudflare account individually or maybe it’s being managed by a 3rd-party CF account or a hosting? :thinking:

Do you get some error shown at the “red bar” on the bottom of the screen, if so?

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