Adding Cname records to authenticate Mailchimp

Hello, I am attempting to authenticate my domain with mailchimp to ensure smooth emails and no issues. To do so, I must add to cname records with my host (hostgator) but the tech there pointed me to cloudfare. I found the page under “domains” to be able to “add record” but the boxes do not match the copy/paste info given to me by maichimp. Mailchimp gives me “name” and “Record”. While cloudfare has the options for “name” and “IPv4 address”. How do I input this “record” information?

When you’re adding a record in the Cloudflare DNS dashboard, are you sure you have ‘CNAME’ selected in the ‘Type’ drop-down? The ‘IPv4 address’ field appears if you are adding an A record, which is the default. You need to change it to ‘CNAME’. Then enter the record from Mailchimp in the ‘Target (required)’ field.