Adding CNAME records for ActiveCampaign

I’m in the process of authenticating my domain with ActiveCampaign to be able to send out emails.

My site has been in pending status on Cloudflare for over 48 hours, and it also says that my site isn’t active on Cloudflare, but when you go to my site, it loads just fine.

I’ve added in the CNAME and TXT for my site, but I can’t send out emails until this issue is fixed and I cannot find a solution to why it’s taking so long for my site to exit pending status and why it says that my site isn’t active.

What is the domain?

symoneredmond .com

(No spaces)

Your site is active on Cloudflare…

If your Cloudflare dashboard is saying it isn’t, then you may have either deleted and re-added the site, or you are adding it to a different account.

Look at the bottom of your DNS records page ( and see which 2 nameservers are specified for your domain (show a screenshot of your whole DNS page if unsure). They are currently jermaine and joyce at your registrar.

Then, if you can show what records ActiveCampaign is asking you to set.

I see that the nameservers are different.

I have arely and yadiel.

I have my website pointing to Kajabi. Should I update the nameservers and see if that will help?

You will need to change the nameservers if you want the DNS in the Cloudflare account you are using to have any effect.

You might want to first check why you have another Cloudflare account for your domain. It may have been set up by someone for you, or be in their own account, or be a lost account of your own. Changing the nameserver to those in your new account will take control of the domain.

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Okay, so now I’m having issues with authenticating my domain with ActiveCampaign. I’ve figured out the website issue with Kajabi, but I can’t seem to get the DKIM records to work with Cloudflare.

Ensure that your Active Campaign CNAMEs are :grey: DNS Only.

Yes, they are DNS Only. I’m also checking my authentication status with this site - activecampaign. com/dkim-spf-check/ - and it’s telling me that my DMARC and DKIM records aren’t correct. But the DMARC starts working with I proxy it on Cloudflare.

I’m not sure how you managed that. DMARC is a TXT record. Those cannot be proxied.

DNS lookups show that your domain has no DMARC or SPF records right now.

The nameservers beng returned don’t match the names that you reported earlier. What are your assigned nameservers?

My assigned nameservers on Cloudflare are
arely.ns.cloudflare. com
yadiel.ns.cloudflare. com

You do not have those active at your domain registrar, so no changes you make in that account will have any effect.

If you want that account to be the one where you manage your DNS you need to update the nameservers in your whois record at GoDaddy. You will need to remove art and tess and replace them with arely and yadiel.

Since Kajabi uses their own Cloudflare account nameservers, this can be confusing. If you need to use their Cloudflare account, you need to update your records in your Kajabi settings.

That’s what I did last week, and that’s where I started to have issues. When I add the nameservers from Cloudflare to Godaddy, my website (symoneredmond . com) no longer works. I get an error message on the page that says that I need to add a DNS A record to point to the correct IP address with Kajabi. But when I add the nameservers from Kajabi, my website works fine, but my email authentication no longer works with ActiveCampaign. So I’m not sure of what to do exactly.

You need to manage your DNS in your Kajabi account. There is a lnk to their directions in my previous reply.

I’m on Kajabi right now and I don’t see the option for DNS settings under domain (it literally doesn’t exist). I guess I will have to reach out to support again to see what’s going on.

I believe I figured it out. I decided to add the Cloudflare nameservers to GoDaddy, and everything is working correctly - FINALLY! Thank you for your help. I also believe that because I was changing things with the ActiveCampaign DKIM records that’s probably why things weren’t working initially. I will come back to this post if things don’t work again over the weekend. Thank you for your help!

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I spoke too soon. I’m back to square one with my email not being authenticated again :frowning:

That’s odd, because I see both your DKIM and DMARC records just fine. It may be that Active Campaign has cached the wrong details and it needs time to age out and re-verify.

% dig txt +short

dig txt +short
"v=DKIM1;p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEArm5XDgsrVGrJwE+ZRTw+" "iwY9+AhMeLtQXjm4axSscECRGixffXxTMG8UtB17KQcL0KyESY5zBk4pjD4qYP8L" "bjuSB6qg9mNP1N/P4m+YgWZM+zVH0+BxHv77OmrWCfEPS2P6dHPhVpJM8K9/CuL4" "gwoF9a93yieT+BSfWi+9sFd4bBARnvfRw9EbW8EMsqZNNWwnl0LEJ5LajzG/eqbc" "OpzmD7K1W1j/N/ps/8z101+k1m+W8suPdFNBp1qwuR/qUw9zIcTMRIBPTGGDm1I4" "QjZp2Sj9LlxLXpGcMTSUgjIGCuEIl2UCsMhcmX+7LKGDBWPkfxeVSPQUmwuFW8c0" "fwIDAQAB"

% dig txt +short
"v=DKIM1;p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAoZxq3f3e7A8Te1RXRWZ1" "iQ1WlJWaFZ2yew93zcY44RBqecVu27fIkSz2eCWTaNr6uXis8dYm0qchWGmp7L0x" "3XTr+ilGQEdxob6IUt2O3g5mmIzxY5qM/s+ea8KbW6kaOSr4VlZn3UOcyUmiDYhn" "AuJ4LoIrYJ6jTKwNjz0z3gSGMJp2yyHOgkJapfJuwiW+9Dicq2SED75X3h64R6PF" "jP5LROvqymtjgbKCZJK7WxdcEAlF4TOMUjyb0aNJa2LHXqdbJGRWow20bIkmCW4A" "bbHBz4hjIetVsCIM9GdccdpNcEzoMgk5KPIXkG0LJ/8lJrhbnMX9onOi772PwEoH" "VwIDAQAB"

It could be ActiveCampaign. When I went to send an email to my list, this is the warning message that I received: " You have one CNAME setup for DKIM but not both."

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