Adding cloudflare proxy to the website is slowing the site

The site has been on Cloudflare for long (many years). We have never faced this issue before. The domain has a lot of subdomains like which are also facing the same issue.

The site TTFB was incredibly high, on checking the network tab, we saw that Cloudflare is not even reverting with any info, sometimes for over 1 minute. Leading to massive delays in opening the page or giving some error.

We have tried the following:

  1. Enabling or disabling bot fight mode
  2. Changing the security level (to low or essentially off)
  3. Purged all cache under the domain
  4. Disabling browser integrity check

All the issues go away the moment I switched off Cloudflare proxy for some of the domains which I want to access. We have also made sure that all bills (for example APO is enabled on the main domain) is cleared.

Is there any rate-limit that is happening?

The weird part is this problem wasn’t there before, and we have been using Cloudflare for many years. Some of the other domains we manage have the same/similar Cloudflare config and are function perfectly.

Your domains are responding very fast from where I am. Your issue may be related to:

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