Adding Cloudflare nameservers to GoDaddy is giving error_404


I bought sikhschool dot com domain on GoDaddy. If I opened the URL, it showed GoDaddy’s default parked page.

Next, I changed the nameservers on GoDaddy to:

Now when I open the URL, I keep getting redirected to:

If I change the nameservers on GoDaddy back to default, I see the GoDaddy parked page again.

I also tried it with Cloudflare nameservers but Cloudflare service paused, I still get the error_404 page.

Please help.

Their parked pages behave strangely. But once you get a real site set up, you won’t get routed to their Parked Page system and it should work…and you’ll probably have to update your DNS records here to point to your actual web server’s IP address.

Thanks for your response but I think you didn’t understand my issue. It’s my bad. I didn’t explain it clearly. Let me try again.

GoDaddy’s parked page is not the issue and I’m pointing the URL to the actual web server on Cloudflare.

The issue occurs when I change the nameservers on GoDaddy from default to Cloudflare nameservers. Instead of taking me to my website, it redirects me to

Redirection to the error_404 page is the real issue. I want it to go to my website instead of the error_404 page.

Cloudflare isn’t a web host, so your site must be hosted somewhere. Cloudflare just acts as a gateway to that server. Have you set up a working site somewhere?

Yes. I’m hosting my website on DreamHost.

I figured out the issue.

When I added my domain to Cloudflare, it automatically fetched the DNS records. The IP address it was pointing to was not correct. I changed my domain IP address in Cloudflare and it worked.

Thanks for your help.

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