Adding cloudflare nameservers, separate registrar

Hi. I’m facing difficulties in adding cloudflare nameservers. My website is hosted with namecheap but the domain is registered with Romarg. Can anyone explain me how and where to add the cloudflare nameservers while in my romarg account i have the nameservers from namecheap?

Oops. I meant Romarg. It’s the WHOIS data. Get rid of the Namecheap servers listing and put in Cloudflare’s instead.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that if I removed the namecheap name servers, my site would go offline. I thought there is a connection between Romarg and Namecheap through these nameservers to keep my site online :slight_smile:

Your DNS at Cloudflare should match all the records from your Namecheap account. Then there will be no downtime as you transition from one site of identical DNS records to the other identical set.

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