Adding CDN to website and website images on domain

Hi guys, as i’ m a beginner i would like to ask you iF there is a possibility to add the CDN to an ecommerce site ( website and images ) to a domain not to the hosting. I want to purchase an ecommerce SaaS that doesn’ t provide CDN, so i must adding myselF.

Thanks in advance.

The eCommerce platform would have to allow you to set your own name servers for your domain and proxy all traffic for your site through Cloudflare.

But it really sounds like you’re just looking for a traditional CDN like KeyCDN or BunnyCDN.

Hi, thanks for your reply. Excelly i need a solution as Shopify: if you their sites source code you can check website and all the assets ( jpeg, png, etc ) using a CDN.
As i notice, there are also solutions such as you mentioned, but just the site has the CDN. With some tools i been check that the images in Google Images are not indexed.

So whats the ideal solution?


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