Adding brevo txt files to my existing account records

Hello, if I add the brevo txt files, will it interfere with my existing txt files?

Thank you

I presume you refer to TXT entries, not files.

If they share the same name as existing entries, they might. What’s the domain and which entries are you supposed to configure?

Hi, my site is


If the entries are verification related, they should not conflict. If they are mail related they might, but you’d need to clarify this with your service provider and your mail host, as Cloudflare does not provide mail services.

Should be perfectly fine to configure these entries.

Your MX record starts with _dc-mx.9a5353dc2ac5. This is becuase there is a proxied hostname in your MX record. You need to use a :grey: DNS Only hostname.

Your Brevo records seem to have gone missing.

You also have an unnecessary mechanism in your SPF record. No email you send will ever match the a: mechanism while you are using an :orange: proxied apex name. You can also lose every + in your SPF. That is the default condition and there is no reason to waste the space on unnecessary characters.

That’s a whole different issue though

@user43211, what pointed out about the mail configuration is correct and you should also address that, however you probably need to fix more, as you may have insecure encryption settings on Cloudflare as well.

For starters, verify that your encryption mode is Full Strict. If it isn’t, make sure you select that, as otherwise you have an insecure site. Also, you may have a mixed content issue, though this may also depend on the encryption mode, so check that first.

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