Adding apps to specific subdomains

Hi. My domain added to CloudFlare is:

example . com

I don’t use that domain for anything really, but what I do is break up my websites into:

subdomain1 . example . com

When I preview an App in “Apps”, it tries to go to and gets an error. When I installed, it just says “install on all pages”.

How can I tell CloudFlare about the different websites?

Of course, I have the A records in the DNS on CloudFlare but that is not what my query relates to.

Thank you.

Hi @micoots,

If you are looking to change the domain/subdomain you are previewing the app on, you can do this in the URL bar at the top. In terms of enabling/disabling on specific subdomains, you can disable all apps using page rules if there is a specific path you don’t want it on, but I dont think it is more configurable than that at the moment.

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