Adding another domain to an existing cloudflare domain

Hi all

I have created a website which is in Cloudflare (DomainA), but I have another domain (DomainB) which is not in Cloudflare. I want to redirect Domain B to Domain A but when a redirect was done there was an Error 1001. Is this a redirect or should I be adding multiple domains under/with DomainA? Does both Domains need to be in Cloudflare and then you use page rules to redirect B to A?

Hope this makes sense - to add a little context DomainB was the original main Domain, but I spun up DomainA to build a new website then then idea is to redirect DomainB to DomainA.


They don’t both have to be on Cloudflare.

How are you doing the redirect?

Hi Sdayman

Bit complicated but the I don’t control the other domain. They say they pointed the domain to the IP address. Should they have done a permanent redirect rather than pointing to it? Perhaps that’s the problem.



Pointing a domain to someone else’s IP address isn’t the right approach. They need to do an HTTP 301 or 302 redirect. This is easy on Cloudflare with a Page Rule.

What’s the website returning the Error 1001?

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