Adding an SSL certificate: I get "you have reached your quota for the requested resource. (code 2005)"

When I try to install a new ssl certificate on a domain, I get “you have reached your quota for the requested resource. (code 2005)”, which is odd because I installed a certificate a few days ago, but I have not been doing anything else on Cloudflare which would warrant a “quota reached” error. A web search is useless, too.

How can I install a new SSL certificate without getting this error?

Custom SSL certificates are limited to one per domain.
If you’re an Enterprise customer you can contact your acoount or customer success manager if you need more than one.

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Thanks @MarkMeyer. I won’t set this as the solution quite yet as two days ago on this same domaine I added two certificates, then removed one of the two, and it worked fine.

Also, unless I misunderstand something, the site clearly states that I can have many certs, as in the enclosed image.

As a side note to the Cloudflare UX team, perhaps “You cannot have more than one SSL certificate” would be a better error message than “you have reached your quota for the requested resource. (code 2005)”


I just tried replacing a certificate, rather than adding a new one and deleting the old one, and that works, so I’ll mark @MarkMeyer’s answer and the solution. Thanks!

The content of your pack is important. You should be able to upload more than one for the hostnames listed above this Box, as long as they use identical CNs or SANs and the listed domains need to be active on Cloudflare. If they are different, it will count as a new one and therefore exceed the quota of 1.

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