Adding an SPF record to our DNS

I wouldn’t close the new account. If you cannot make changes in the old account, you are going to need to migrate to the new account at some point. Your best option is to hire a consultant that can get everything set up correctly in the new account with minimal, or even no downtime.

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Thank you,, Laudian and, before that, DarkDeviL.

I really am grateful for the help and advice you have offered regarding our problem trying get our DNS records updated so we can, once again, send emails to Gmail addresses. However, we have decided to chuck in the towel and give up.

We are a small not-for-profit charity and we cannot afford to buy-in the external expertise we need (my knowledge, as we have established, is very limited). And, most importantly, we have decided it is not tenable to deal with Cloudflare, a company which can’t be contacted for any level of support. It is not even possible to send an email to simply ask them to identify the account we have with them that we are currently using (as opposed to the newer one that I recently set up). If we could have done that, it would have cleared this whole mess up in an instant as I could easily have added the necessary DNS record to that account and the problem would have been solved.

I can’t think of any other business or organisation, other than Cloudflare, that operates in this way - it is quite extraordinary!

But, once again, thank you all so much for the time you have put into trying to explain things to me in an effort to help us.

I cannot either. Most business would never consider offering so much of their catalog to the public for free. The amount of support provided at no cost via the Community is quite staggering as well.

You have received a massive outpouring of support here in the Community. This all came at no cost to you other than your time.

Of course it is not. There is no feasible way to distinguish your request for information, information that the actual account holder should reasonably be expected to know, from the maneuverings of an attacker.

You’re welcome. Thank you for the kind words. Best of luck in whatever approach your organization chooses to take.

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