Adding an overlay in a video stream


We are looking to add an overlay to a video stream either during the live streaming process or after the live stream has ended a user is streaming the video itself. We want to allow the user to toggle this on/off, kind of like a picture in picture. For example if we had a video of a football game and the user wanted to toggle the scoreboard, we would like to be able to do that but also allow the user to toggle it off. Has anyone had experience with this in the past that can give us some guidance on where to look into?

Thank you .

You should be able to do with this with CSS/javascript. Here is a very simple demo:

Thanks @zaid, but we are looking to do this from another feed while the video might be livestreaming but also after it’s done. We just don’t want to have this overlay feed or additional feed stream be part of the actual video, if that makes sense. Again using the example of a sports game, if we have a sports game being streamed out live, we would like to be able to show the scoreboard over the current feed, but also allow the user to turn this feed on/off at any point in time. After the live streaming is done, then both of the feeds would be stored in CF and then we just want to be able to allow a user to stream the original video and also again be able to have that overlay available.

Thank you for the help again