Adding an extra origin to Load Balancer without renewing entire plan?


I purchased the Load Balancing add-on 3 days go.
I’ve currently got 4 origins for load balancing my pools, and wanted to add an extra one today.

After configuring my plan and incrementing my origins by one, I’m prompted to pay for my entire plan again + the extra origin I’ve opted to add.

Is this right? Do I really need to renew my plan each time I need to scale. I was under the assumption that I’d only have to pay for the additional origin/would be billed for my usage next month.

I’m just a little confused so wanted to some clarification before I proceed.

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi, Thank you for bringing this to our attention, can you please raise ticket directly with our team at

[email protected]
and let us know the ticket to assist you further.

Thank you.


@user16967 is active on ticket 2341736

Issue resolved by billing.

Many thanks!

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