Adding alias to gmail

I’m not sure how to continue from this step,
I tried inserting my Cloudflare password, and all 3 offered ports, with no success.

Would love some indication on how to proceed,
sorry but I’m a newbie on this area :frowning:


Cloudflare does not provide mail services. You need to reach out to your mail provider for that.

Yeah, I know.
I mean, I used Cloudflare to forward any incoming emails to my domain [email protected],
into my main inbox, but now I’m trying to create an alias on Gmail to answer with said domain as well.
I know this is not a Cloudflare service, but I’ve assumed some experienced users within this community can guide me to the right direction :slight_smile:

Yes, you can receive email via forwarding, but you still need a mail provider to send emails. You can pick any available and they will be able to provide you with the configuration details.

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Hmmm so you’re saying that in order to send emails with my domain I still need an email service of some sort, and not a regular (free) Gmail account?

@arie.levental You can try Zoho or Skiff (the latter is easier to set up, the former has a lot more functionality—probably more than you need.) Both support using your own domain.

Thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:
I was actually using Skiff before moving to Cloudflare, since Skiff doesn’t have an option to redirect emails. Also, I’m not sure with those services if I’d have to use their GUI, and not Gmail’s?

Precisely, as

You can try something with Google’s email service, but that may not work. In general, this topic is not Cloudflare related, so I’d refer to StackExchange or Reddit for further details.


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