Adding additional content-types to be compressed by cloudflare

Hi, I read this guide to Cloudflares compression strategy:

I’m wondering if there is a possibility to add content-types to be automatically compressed. I have some assets of type image/ktx that are optimized for gzip compression, is there any way to do this through Cloudflare? Or do I have to do it at the origin?

Hi @moriz,

I can not specifically respond to the image/ktx case, but I’ve separated some links that will certainly help you clarify questions about Cloudflare’s compression/optimization features:

From Learning Center

From Support

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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Hi @dmz
many thanks for the links, I think classical image compression is not what I’m looking for though. My .ktx files contain textures for use in webGL and they are specifically optimized for gzip, which is untypical because normally it’s not a good idea to gzip an image. Thats why I was wondering if there is an option to add a mime type so Cloudflare will compress it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have sufficient knowledge in this area to help you.

As no other user has manifested, I think you could open a ticked on this issue to get a response from the support team. If you do, please consider sharing the answer in this topic so that everyone can benefit from the clarification in the future.

I’m hoping that you can achieve your goal.

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