Adding about 100 parked domains

I have about 100 parked domains that I need to add to my account. If I do them one at a time, though, it’s going to take forever!

Is there a way to do it in bulk?

Similar but different, the first one that I tried to add only imported 18 DNS records, where the server has 48 records! Is there a way to force Cloudflare to try again, or to verify them before accepting them (other than going back and forth between tabs manually)?

Bulk records can be imported if you can get them in the correct format, or use the API…

I don’t think anyone has said how Cloudflare gets DNS records automatically as zone files reads are usually blocked. Likely it tries common ones (mail, ftp, www and so on), checks SSL certificates and maybe knows from Whatever it has found is likely all you’ll get.

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@GoNC you should add the domains using the API,


Yup you can use Cloudflare API. Example can be see in first part of my blog write up for bulk domain transfers to Cloudflare domain registrar


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