Adding a wordpress blog to cloudflare account

I am new to Cloudflare. I have just setup my account and one of the first steps is to add a site. I have a wordpress blog (managed site) that I am trying to add as an excercise. I was initially getting an error of “invalid domain” when I tried to add the wordpress blog.

So, I came across this blog by Cloudflare on how to set it up.

I tried it but it appears that you need to purchase the business plan in wordpress to enable the Cloudflare plug-in? I thought Cloudflare was free for personal use including blogs on wordpress.

Does anybody out there have further details on how to add a wordpress blog without having to purchase the business plan?



Hi @elias.ahmed,

Cloudflare’s free plan can be used on WordPress sites, however you have to have your own domain name.

For example, if you had, you could add that, but you couldn’t add because you don’t own

Does that sound like your case? If not, can you share the domain you are trying to add?

You can use the WordPress plugin for Cloudflare on any plan, it is not limited to business.

Where did you get that error? In Cloudflare when trying to add a domain? That is how you have to add a domain to Cloudflare, free or not. Domains are added “” without any http, www or other characters unrelated to the domain.

Once that is done, regardless of your website being Wordpress or not, you will need to change the NAMESERVERS of your website domain, so that they are routed through Cloudflare.

This did the trick and I thought this might be the case. I’m all good now.
Thank Cloudflare community for the really quick turn-around on this.

Hi @imagevuex -
the issue wasn’t with adding the www. prefix but ownership of the domain. @domjh gave me the reply I had originally assumed. Thank you kindly for the input.


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