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In the free version, when I want to add a website, I try to add a Google site to show.Invalid.domain

What is the domain you’re trying to add? It needs to be a full domain name that you own, such as

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here’s the picture

screenshot didn’t work
but from the context
it has to be an actual registered domain, not a subdomain or an URL
are you trying to use a subdomain of Google Pages or something?

To try the Google Site Subdomain

You’ll need to purchase an actual domain if you want to use Cloudflare

You can purchase a domain with any registrar to use with Cloudflare, but (barring promotional “first year only” prices), Cloudflare’s own registrar will generally be the cheapest.

If you want to go super cheap, Cloudflare Registrar has the .win TLD for $4 year. It’s not a very popular TLD, SEO probably not great but it gets the job done, the price is right, it’s short, and its relative obscurity means the good names aren’t all already taken. I registered one a few weeks ago, it is what it is, can’t argue with the price.

You can still use Google Sites for your hosting, you’ll just need to configure your site there to utilize the new domain, and you’ll need to create a DNS entry pointing your domain to Google Sites.

Then why doesn’t Cloudflare make it possible to add subdomains as well

Well first of all with Google Sites you can’t even control where the DNS entry for your subdomain points to so there’s no way to point it to Cloudflare anyway

Secondly Cloudflare verifies that you actually own a domain by asking you to change the nameservers for the domain, so, no way to verify in your case.

Cloudflare does offer a “partial setup” option where you can put only a subdomain of one of YOUR domains on Cloudflare, but first of all, it’s only available on paid plans, and second, you still need to verify ownership of the domain through TXT records.

then this is then pointless to do let the administrators then delete the account with this email:


Thanks for being available :hugs:

If you login to and navigate to your profile you can delete the account yourself. Cloudflare Support cannot make changes to your account. Once you do that if you’d like the Community account you are using here to also be removed, just reply on this thread and let us know to remove your account.

I clicked on the delete user button and filled in what she was looking for and I clicked on the button again and it was written to me that it could take a year to delete the account and then it was written to me

Cloudflare is waiting to be deleted

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