Adding a SPF Record


I am attempting to add an SPF record as requested by my new email host MXRoute however the content box when I click save just goes red and will not save.

The key is “v=spf1 -all” and I have tried it both with and without the speech marks.

I have 2 domains in my account and both have 10 or 11 records so don’t think I have hit any limits.

I have copied and pasted the key and also typed it in (just for clarity)

Anyone any ideas as to why I can’t add the record and secondly if there is another route I can take to resolve?

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Make sure you’re using a TXT record. No “ marks.

p.s. Yay for MXRoute! That’s what I use.

Ah ok that may be the problem as I was using the SPF record.

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also as you know the MX route setup, when adding the DKIM key i presume that is as TXT Record as well, do I give it the name x._domainkey?

Yes, you’ll need to put the x. in front. TXT record, exactly as written.

Great thanks, email is now being received


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