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Hi everyone,

Sorry in advance if this is a redundant topic, I’ve checked the troubleshooting section but it didn’t answer my question.
I have a domain ( hosted somewhere else, that I added to Cloudflare - all clear so far, no problems whatsoever.
Then, I have bought another domain, same name but a different suffix (, that currently is not hosted anywhere and that I would like to add to Cloudflare, and then to be able to point it to the first domain (
Now, the issue: when I try to add the “” site to Cloudflare, I get the error message “ is not a registered domain”, although the domain is surely registered (it’s just that it doesn’t have any nameservers added in the registrar’s management, since the whole point is to get from Cloudflare the nameservers…).
I’m not sure what I’m missing here, so, please help.

Thanks a lot!

It needs name servers. Registrars are supposed to provide name servers, even if it’s for a Parked page.

If the registrar won’t provide them, you can use temporarily so Cloudflare will add it:

Thanks sdayman, I’ll have a closer look. At a first glance, it doesn’t look like a very straightforward thing, though.
Will keep you posted.

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An update here, it worked well and I was able to add the site to Cloudflare!

Thanks a lot again,

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