Adding a second server, Universal SSL

I’ve got a working Universal SSL cert on my server but I need to setup a second server for a few of my subdomains. I’ve copied the Cloudflare cert and key file to the new server but it fails with err_cert_authority_invalid. My Edge Certificate is active, with a wildcard for the hosts *,

DigiCert® SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool says my domain resolves, TLS has not been revoked or expired, the cert name matches and my TLS certificate is correctly installed. Similarly, says my site passes.

I’m not sure what else to check.

Universal SSL certificates are only configured on Cloudflares servers, not on your Origin.

Are you using a Cloudflare Origin Certificate? They are only valid for host names that are proxied through Cloudflare, which appear with an :orange: on the DNS tab of the dashboard.

Thanks Michael,
Pardon, I used the wrong term there. Yes, I’m using a Cloudflare Origin Certificate on my first server. The second server is intended to host some of the subdomains that I have. Those hosts are all proxied by CF’s DNS. They all match the wildcard used in my Origin Certificate hosts *

Is coping the Origin Certificate from one server to another an okay thing to do? If so, I must have bungled the process somehow.

Is it okay to request multiple Origin Certificates from CF? I don’t want to make another request if it’s going to invalidate what I’ve got working right now.